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Yoga and Health

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Yoga and Bio-Tuning




Walk in fee: 10.00

5 day punch card for 37.00

or 10 day punch card for 70.00

(one per person, please)





Instructor: Joanna Newton



Walk ins: 10.00 per class

5 day pass:  37.00

10 day pass: 70.00



Biofield Tuning with Eileen Rainier - Group Session

Monday, June 18th


Biofield tuning is an energetic healing modality that uses sound and vibration to change the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body. The frequency of the tuning forks can help to bring the body back into the natural rhythm and flow of energy. Biofield tuning has been reported to increase energy, reduce stress, remove energy blocks, decrease pain, fear, depression and anxiety as well as improve digestive issues, headaches and much more.

Be sure to pre-register to get the early bird special of $35.00, price will be $40 within one week of event.

Eileen Rainier is a certified biofield tuning practitioner who trained directly with the E. McKusick, the pioneer researcher on biofield tuning.

Bring a yoga mat/blanket/pallet to rest on, a cover and a water bottle .... Be Comfortable!

5 weeks
Price: $37.00

10 weeks
Price: $70.00

register one week or more before class
Price: $35.00

register after June 11th
Price: $40.00